Spectro Scientific


Spectro Scientific, an ISO 9001:2008 company, specializes in analytical tools and software for machine condition monitoring. The company is one of the largest suppliers of oil and fuel analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide. Industry clients include petrochemical, mining, marine and power generation companies as well as commercial testing laboratories. Spectro Scientific’s extensive product offerings include spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments and complete turnkey systems for oil or fuel analysis laboratories, all managed by its SpectroTrack software platform.


Spectro Scientific develops a broad array of fluid analysis instruments for evaluating machine and lubricant condition in the field, in the lab and in highly mobile, handheld applications. The instruments provide critical data about an engine’s condition and can provide an early warning of engine failure. Capturing, analyzing and trending this data on Spectro Scientific products enable you to:


  • Schedule maintenance before a failure occurs
  • Avoid the expense of maintenance you don’t need
  • Avoid the disruption of taking an engine out of service unnecessarily


The result is higher equipment availability, greater productivity, lower maintenance costs, lower total cost of ownership, fewer outages, optimal equipment performance and greener operation.

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Products for Power Gen & Industrial Plants


Industrial plants need predictive failure analysis for condition based maintenance.


MiniLab 153 – On-site oil analysis system with Elemental OES

MiniLab 53 – On-site oil analysis system.

Products for Fleet


Fleet maintenance to reduce cost of analysis, reduce cost of oil changes, prevent failures.


MicroLab 30 – OES, Viscosity, IR

MicroLab 40 – OES, Viscosity, IR,Particles

Cool Check – Coolant & DEF

LubeTrak – Software.

Products for Laboratories


Products for commercial or private oil laboratories.


ITL – Industrial Tribology Lab

SpectrOil – Elemental OES

Laser Net Fines – Particle Count

FluidScan – Oil Chemistry

Q300 – Viscosity

Q500 – Ferrography

Q6000 – Fuel Dilution Meter

InfraCal2 – Soot Meter

SpectroTrack LIMS – Software

Products for Portable Laboratories


Portable products to analyze oil at the point of use.


Q5800 – Field Oil Lab

Q3000 – Portable Viscometer

FluidScan – Oil Chemistry

Combo Kit – Viscometer, Oil Condition

Q6000 – Fuel Dilution Meter

Q1200 – Marine BN Measurement

Products for Military


Domestic and foreign military need readiness of equipment.


SpectrOil M (JOAP) – Elemental OES

Q5800 – Field Oil Lab

MicroLab – Engine Oil Analysis

Combo Kit – Viscosity & Chemistry

Products for Environment


Oil Exploration; Produced Water; Fat, Oil and Greases (FOG) and Biofuels.


InfraCal2 – FOG

InfraCal2 – Oil in Water/Soil

InfraCal2 – Biofuels

InfraCal2 – Ethanol Blending