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Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become an essential maintenance practice of military organizations throughout the world. An effective oil analysis program will keep important military assets such as planes, ships, tanks, trucks, and any other oil-wetted machinery in operation by reducing unexpected failures and costly unscheduled downtime. Mission readiness of military equipment is paramount, and proper maintenance can also decrease the long-term expense by minimizing replacement costs and anticipating problems. With cutting-edge technology for laboratory and field analysis, Spectro Scientific can help ensure that military forces are always ready to move.




The three biggest challenges for a military force are readiness, safety and cost. On-site oil analysis addresses all these challenges.



Taking oil samples, sending them to a lab for analysis and then waiting for the results before taking action is not a recipe for fleet readiness. It simply takes too long to get those answers. With assets that might need to be deployed at a moment’s notice, a military force can’t wait days or weeks for answers about their equipment reliability. They need a solution in the field that is quick and easy to use.



If a hydraulic system fails due to oil contamination, people’s lives and valuable equipment are put at risk. No fighting force wants to take unnecessary risks like that. With field deployable oil analysis labs and portable, handheld analyzers, personnel are equipped to run tests themselves and get answers where and when they are needed – in the field. This increases safety for everybody.



Shipping of samples, particularly from remote locations, costs time and money. Lab tests are expensive as well. Performing oil analysis in the field eliminates shipping costs and the cost per test is significantly lower than that charged by oil analysis laboratories. Having the equipment deployed typically leads to more testing as the equipment is readily available. More testing further improves reliability. 


Reliable oil analysis is a critical component of ensuring the reliability of military assets. Our suite of products offers varying degrees of portability depending on the conditions where the technology needs to be deployed.


Typical Tests


Joint Oil Analysis Program

Crea Laboratory Technologies supplies analytical instruments to military organizations throughout the world. The Spectroil MN-W is the only spectrometer to meet or exceed the requirements of the U.S. military’s JOAP (Joint Oil Analysis Program). In some cases, an entire turnkey oil analysis laboratory to implement a program from the beginning. We welcome the opportunity to continue to be of service to existing customers and to assist new customers with their oil analysis instrumentation requirements.




Particle Count

A high particle count or a rapid increase in particles can foreshadow an imminent failure. 


Particle Composition

It is often important to understand the elemental composition of particles in order to find out where they came from. Optical Emission Spectroscopy gives the user elemental information for up to 32 elements, from Li to Ce (varies with application).





The main function of lubrication oil is to create and maintain a lubrication film between two moving metal surfaces. Insuring the viscosity is within recommended ranges is one of the most important tests one can run on lube oil. 


Total Acid Number (TAN)

TAN is measured to determine the corrosive potential of lubrication oils. If the TAN gets too high the oil can induce corrosion of machine parts and should be changed. 




Fuel Dilution

Fuel dilution in oil is a condition caused by excess, unburned fuel mixing with engine oil in an engine crankcase. Hydrocarbon-based fuel, usually with a lower vapor pressure than the lubricant, has a thinning effect, lowering the oil viscosity. Oil film strength is reduced, increasing the cylinder liner and bearing wear.


Aerospace Products

Portable Oil Analysis Kits


The product combinations are powerful for different applications as together they provide more comprehensive analysis of oil condition, contamination and machine wear condition. All Spectro portable devices are battery powered, use small amounts of oil, and do not require solvents or chemicals to clean. They are light weight and ideal for field use.  


The building blocks of the combination kit are the FluidScan 1000 Series handheld IR oil analyzer, MiniVisc 3000/3050 kinematic viscometer, and FerroCheck 2000 total ferrous magnetometer.


FieldLab 58 - Portable Oil Lab


Portable and comprehensive oil analyzer for field service professionals.The Spectro FieldLab 58 is a rugged, portable expeditionary fluid analysis system that gives operators in the field the ability to perform comprehensive, mobile lubricant sampling. The battery-powered device enables complete lubricant assessment for condition monitoring and rapid results that permit informed maintenance decisions. It takes only 3 ml of oil to perform a comprehensive oil analysis and no chemicals or solvents are needed for sample preparation or cleaning. The complete analysis, with all four tests, only takes about 5 – 7 minutes, depending on oil viscosity.